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A family story that starts from very far away and comes very, very close.


Our facility was established in February 1983 at the behest of Aniello Mainolfi and Raffaela Carbone who from the beginning have been able to conquer their customers with friendliness, reliability and simplicity. The facility includes two large dining rooms called "Taburno" and "Partenio", a hotel and a small lounge bar-reception to welcome guests. Over the years it has undergone some changes that have always been able to enhance the beauty of the surrounding property gardens.

These gardens are, in fact, our strength and the perfect setting for your celebrations. The Hotel Restaurant La Campagnola is located in the small town of Rotondi which lies on the border between the province of Avellino and Benevento, in the fertile and verdant Caudina Valley (also well known for its historic Caudine Forks). Crossed by the old state road Appia, t he valley is well connected to Benevento, Caserta and Naples.

The mountains that embrace the valley are part of two major regional parks: the Partenio and Taburno-Camposauro. They offer good opportunities for oxygenating hiking , on foot and by mountain bike, through suggestive nature reserves.

There are many ancient villages that can be visited and offer hints for cultural trips (small art cities - lower tourism) and are the setting for events, festivals and celebrations. Several are also the shrines and monasteries often destination of religious tourism (our hotel is close to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella, near the Shrine of St. Pio of Pietrelcina).

simboli dei servizi
simboli dei servizi


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